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Nyx Haul.

Last month I received a huge selection of Nyx cosmetics from the Boots review panel. I spent an afternoon playing about with different looks and decided rather than write one long post about each product I would select a small variety of my favourites.

nyx cosmetics haul

nyx small

So I decided to focus on these products as I have been using them every week! You can use all of them to create one or two looks which I will post at the end!

nyx eyeshadow

These metallic eye colours are amazing! The picture really doesn’t do it justice but the first silver/iridescent colour is called Frostbite. In some lights it shines blue and purple and it is perfect for the christmas season. I feel like a snow queen when I wear it!

The gold baked eyeshadow is ‘Lavish’ it is pictured on the end and is ideal for creating a brown smokey eye. You do need to use an eye primer beforehand with this one that can allow the colour to pop.

The middle shade is actually an eye pencil in the shade ‘Yoghurt and is so easy to use. I use it nearly everyday as it is really quick to apply and can transform a day look into an evening one.

nyx concelor

Pictured on the far left is the black gel liner. Now I normally use a loreal pen and the maybelline gel on top to make sure my liner lasts all day and to make it look ultra black. However the nyx gel liner is really dark and you could just wear it on its own. It is smudge proof and easy to use. I would recommend this over the maybelline one.

The yellow and green are HD concealers and if you haven’t used this colours before then they are used underneath your normal concealer. So the green is used to neutralised red spots and patches and the yellow is used to brighten the face and ideal hiding eye bags.

Last is the above and beyond full coverage concealer. It comes in a cute pot but if you have long nails like I do you need to use a brush to get in there! It applies evenly and it blends in really well! This is another product I would highly recommend!

nyx lips .jpg

‘Bright Lights’ blush on the far left is a coral/orange colour which would look lovely in the summer alongside a golden tan. It does have a lot of excess powder so I wouldn’t carry it around in fear it would break.

The lipstick pictured in the middle is ‘Mars’ I use this nearly every day and wear it to work as it just finishes off a neutral day look perfectly. Surprisingly it is quite long lasting and I must add that it is moisturising! Hurray! No more dry matte lips!

The chunky dunk crayon is just like a giant lip balm. It is the shade ‘Peach fuzzy’ and just a handy on the go coloured balm similar to the maybelline baby lips. I really like this product it is just a quick fix to dry lips but adds a nice colour if you don’t feel like wearing a lippy.

nyx pens.jpg

Finally if you are feeling a little more adventurous, or you like to wear lots of colour these crayons are awesome and are really shiny! I don’t wear much colour on the my eyes but I have been experimenting with these and I think they are great. The shades pictured are ‘pacific’ and ‘purple violet’ you can get them other shades online!face face face

This is the look I created using my Nyx products! I hope you enjoyed reading my post about my haul. If you have any questions or would like to share your looks and favourites of Nyx leave a comment!











This past month has been mental. I’ve been so busy with work and writing for the online publication Write On Trend that I haven’t really had much shopping time!

My purchases have been mainly online and little bits that I have been sent by the boots panel.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

These little metallic clips were one of the items sent to me by Boots and aren’t they so cute! 8 clips in total and in 4 different colours including Rose gold! Perfect for dressing up braids and buns for the evening or clipping sections back. They are a little stiff but for only £3.50 they are a steal!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I have never purchased from Elf before but was so happy when they started up their UK website again and I could get my hands on the baked blush/highlighter than everyone was raving about!

The blusher brush was only £4 and the cover stick (which smells like sherbert) was £3! I can’t believe how cheap the products are and how they are really good!

elf pinktastic

The shade of the baked blush is Pinktastic and was only £4.50! It is great as a highlighter and stays on all day! It is easy to apply and is definitely similar to MAC’s soft and gentle! I can’t wait to add to  my ELF collection!

lush snow angel

A blog post would’t be the same without a Lush product! As I’m going to the Lush oxford street at the end of the month (super excited) I decide to only treat myself to one bath bomb and chose the xmas themed snow angel!

It is meant to smell like marzipan (I love marzipan) but it’s not very strong scented which is probably a good thing because I would of had to refrain from trying to eat it. When the bath melt dissolves it leaves behind cocoa butter bubbles and gold glitter! I’m thinking about getting some more because I think they make really cute xmas gifts!

nyx bag

Here is a sneak peak of the next blog post! A HUGE selection of NYX cosmetics from Boots and my lord it is going to take me FOREVER to review this but I have already been having a little play with these products and they are amazing!

Leave a comment if you have used NYX before and tell me what your favourite products are!


Happy November everybody!



Lush Autumn Haul.

As the weather starts to get colder and crisp it is the perfect time for more baths and pampering on these chilly nights. As a lushaholic I bought a selection of their new products from the Brighton store.

The experimenter.

the experimenter

So I forgot to take a picture of this before I used it because I was just so excited! It doesn’t have many skincare purposes but it is definitely a fun bath bomb! The hexagon mound of colour looks almost like a large everlasting gobstopper which produces rainbow bubbles. If  you listen really carefully you can hear the popping candy! Yes you have read that sentence right, popping candy! It is almost as if Mr Wonka himself teamed up with Lush to create this magical experience.

Love Lettuce.

love lettuce

This is the second face mask I have tried from Lush and as I have said in previous posts, the only place my skin gets oily and spot prone is on my t-zone. This product was recommend to me by one of the the sales assistants but depending on your skin type each face mask is aimed at different things so make sure you explain your skin type first before purchasing 🙂

maa face

Excuse my goofy face but thought I would add a picture of me enjoying love lettuce.

This product is an exfoliating mask made from almonds and lavender. It’s 100% natural and self preserving which is extremely good because I have sensitive skin and other packet face masks tend to make my face go red and itchy.

Love lettuce needs to be kept in the fridge but this makes it extremely soothing because it’s nice and cold. The lavender smell is relaxing and after leaving on your face for roughly ten minutes your skin is really soft and your pores feel tighter. I would recommend this mask if you have a skin type similar to mine because it is really refreshing.



Another magical bath bomb from Lush this glitterball was awesome! It is as if it had been made at Hogwarts.

lush space

I did have a video but for some unknown reason it failed to upload 😦 but look how crazy this bath bomb is! It was like bathing in a galaxy, so much glitter and different shades of blue and purple and I think everyone should experience this bomb at least once. However be prepared to leave a trail of glitter from the bathroom to the bedroom.

The Comforter

Based on the bubble bar the shower cream smells just the same and is also pink! For those of you aren’t familiar with the comforter it smells like berries and bubblegum. The cream is quite moisturising and smells even stronger when you lather it up. There isn’t many bubbles but the scent stays on your skin long after you have left the shower.

the comforter

Rub Rub Rub

rub rub rub

The only problem with this exfoliating bar is that it is not big enough! I decided to opt for this block version of the original tub of Rub Rub Rub because it is just easier to hold in the shower and doesn’t slip of your fingers. It is also a cheaper option so you can try without splurging on a product you may not like. It doesn’t smell very strong however is does leave your skin feeling silky smooth which is good enough for me!

Leave me a comment recommending your Lush favourites!



Cleansing with The Body Shop.

Lately I have been using body and facial washes from The Body Shop to cleanse my skin. body shop tea tree

Both the tea tree toner and the facial wash have witch hazel in so they are really good at drying up spots and leaving your skin refreshed! I have always used tea tree based products to wash my face, I have a t-zone so tea tree works best for me. If you have a difference skin type then these facial washes might not be the best but I think both are gentle on the skin.

I love anything coconut so when I saw this mini coconut shower gel I had to buy it! It smells amazing however it doesn’t lather up very well.

blackhead remover

The next product I got is the blackhead remover. I highly recommend these little devices they are so good! After washing and opening your pores you simply slide the silver hook across your blackheads and they are gone! It’s like magic!


Excuse the battered dirty looking tub but it has been at the bottom of my bag because this is my go-to hand cream and body butter when I’m out and about. This is a newer product from Body Shop’s Mojito range. The butter smells sooo good I can’t get enough of it and the best part is that it is really moisturising. The whole range smells heavenly everyone needs to try it!

I am always looking for new products to try and I love the body shop so if anyone has any recommendations then please leave a comment below!


Bloody mary metal.

I finally got to make a purchase from the cornish jewellery company ‘bloody mary metal’ last week and I was so pleased with my new crossed arrows ring when it arrived!

I ordered on a Friday and by Tuesday it had arrived in the cutest box and was ready to pop on my finger.


Their sterling silver range of necklaces and rings are custom made and perfect for everyday wear. Prices range from £25-200. You can even pick your piece to be made in gold or white gold. Bloody mary metal also have a new range coming out called wolf pack that will see a mix of desert and american indian style pieces cast in silver and turquoise.

I always wear silver and I’m forever looking for new rings and necklaces to fulfil my bohemian/bike chick look so fellow bloggers and readers feel free to inspire me and recommend your favourite jewellery brands!

MAC Lips.

MAC has always been a popular product amongst make up artists, but since Kylie Jenner told the media that she is an avid fan and user of MAC the lipsticks have since become extremely popular for girls all of the world.

Admittedly I have started a little collection of my own and over the past few weeks I purchased some lipsticks including one from the brand new matt collection!

mac velvet teddy

This is Velvet Teddy one of the most popular lipsticks in the MAC store. The colour is almost like a cinnamon shade and really compliments most skin tones. It is a neutral colour that can be worn in the daytime or in the evening.

I found that the lip pencil Spice matches the Lipstick really well and is easy to blend with Velvet Teddy.

lips and vt

Here is a fun shot of Velvet Teddy. It is one of my favourite neutral shades! Definitely worth a purchase.

Now the newest member of my lipstick family is Stone. This is a new addition in the matt collection based on the lipliner shade.

It is a dark brown shade that compliments people with dark hair and eyes and is perfect for a night out. It is nice because its not too dark so if you don’t want to wear a halloween black lipstick this shade is perfect for you.

mac stone

The matching lipliner is still available but it was sold out at my local store, so I picked up a Rimmel one in the shade ‘Cappuccino’ is extremely similar to the liner but much cheaper!

stone stone

Thought I would post a picture of Stone with my hair so you can see the contrast.