MAC Lips.

MAC has always been a popular product amongst make up artists, but since Kylie Jenner told the media that she is an avid fan and user of MAC the lipsticks have since become extremely popular for girls all of the world.

Admittedly I have started a little collection of my own and over the past few weeks I purchased some lipsticks including one from the brand new matt collection!

mac velvet teddy

This is Velvet Teddy one of the most popular lipsticks in the MAC store. The colour is almost like a cinnamon shade and really compliments most skin tones. It is a neutral colour that can be worn in the daytime or in the evening.

I found that the lip pencil Spice matches the Lipstick really well and is easy to blend with Velvet Teddy.

lips and vt

Here is a fun shot of Velvet Teddy. It is one of my favourite neutral shades! Definitely worth a purchase.

Now the newest member of my lipstick family is Stone. This is a new addition in the matt collection based on the lipliner shade.

It is a dark brown shade that compliments people with dark hair and eyes and is perfect for a night out. It is nice because its not too dark so if you don’t want to wear a halloween black lipstick this shade is perfect for you.

mac stone

The matching lipliner is still available but it was sold out at my local store, so I picked up a Rimmel one in the shade ‘Cappuccino’ is extremely similar to the liner but much cheaper!

stone stone

Thought I would post a picture of Stone with my hair so you can see the contrast.



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