Cleansing with The Body Shop.

Lately I have been using body and facial washes from The Body Shop to cleanse my skin. body shop tea tree

Both the tea tree toner and the facial wash have witch hazel in so they are really good at drying up spots and leaving your skin refreshed! I have always used tea tree based products to wash my face, I have a t-zone so tea tree works best for me. If you have a difference skin type then these facial washes might not be the best but I think both are gentle on the skin.

I love anything coconut so when I saw this mini coconut shower gel I had to buy it! It smells amazing however it doesn’t lather up very well.

blackhead remover

The next product I got is the blackhead remover. I highly recommend these little devices they are so good! After washing and opening your pores you simply slide the silver hook across your blackheads and they are gone! It’s like magic!


Excuse the battered dirty looking tub but it has been at the bottom of my bag because this is my go-to hand cream and body butter when I’m out and about. This is a newer product from Body Shop’s Mojito range. The butter smells sooo good I can’t get enough of it and the best part is that it is really moisturising. The whole range smells heavenly everyone needs to try it!

I am always looking for new products to try and I love the body shop so if anyone has any recommendations then please leave a comment below!



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