Smooth Skin.

I have adored Lush products for a while now, I have been sucked into an obsession with their vegan and cruelty free products. From bath bombs to shampoo bars and perfume, Lush has so much to offer and I shop their once a month! My boyfriend says it’s shameful but I can’t help but spend!

Just after Christmas I purchased Imperialis, a Lush facial moisturiser for combination skin.


The product smells quite flowery and has a pink tint to it. It’s consistency is quite thick so I tend to only use a tiny bit and it’s easy to spread.

It doesn’t leave skin feeling greasy and contains only natural products: Cocoa butter, tiger lily nd orange flower.

The pot can fit snugly in a make up bag or purse and is priced at £13.50.

The only con I have about Imperalis is that when you walk around with it in a make up bag the moisturiser tends to stick to the lid of the pot. It sometimes seeps out the sides and leaves a seal around the rim.

Having said that I love this product, it’s perfect for sensitive skin, doesn’t irritate and leaves your face smelling lovely!!

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